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“In the series “”Low Winterun”” the detectives Frank Agnew (mark strong) and Joe Geddes (lenny James) kill his colleague Brandy McKenna (Michael McGrady) and adjust everything so that it was like a suicide. They drown him in the aquarium, then put him in his car, handcuff him to the steering wheel and throw the car off the cliff into the sea.
Soon the investigators find the car of McCann, but at a single corpse, and there find another and without interesting features. The second corpse was locked in the trunk without arms, legs and head. The second corpse belongs to Anton Bobek-the confidential informant of the Ministry of internal Affairs.
At the funeral of McCann Geddes says the victim asked him to kill the Bobcat and Katie Agnew girlfriend (Mickey Sumner). But Geddes got in touch with Cathy and warned to leave immediately to Canada and never. in Detroit. Raymond Lefevre admits he saw two men putting McCain’s body in the car. He also recalls some details that advance the investigation. Egnew tries to find his girlfriend, but all to no avail. Later he understands, that Geddes framed his, seeking to hide its crime. He and McCann agreed to kill Bobek and Katie, and Joe killed McCann as a witness. Now the blood for three crimes is on egnew’s hands.
Damon Callis (James ransone) is a crime Lord, acting mafia boss in Detroit. His wife Maya (Sprague Grayden) wants to expand the sphere of influence of her husband not only on drugs and prostitution. Dani Khalil (Athena, Karkanis) she has a crush on Frank Agnew. She hoped that with the loss of his girlfriend he will pay attention to it. During the investigation, he realizes that something is wrong with Frank. Charles Dawson (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) Frank’s boss, who has served for 25 years, never seen corruption, honest policeman”