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Crime, Drama, Mystery



The CW


Beth Schwartz, Rebecca Bellotto


Rick Gonzalez, Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell, Echo Kellum, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Cody Rhodes, Cody Rhodes



The spirit of the adventure novel permeated the entire storyline of the series “Arrow” season 7 about the fearless Oliver Queen, who was destined to be on a deserted island as a result of the ship’s failure. But only a few years ago he was considered dead along with the rest of the people on the ship. But fate had its own plans for Oliver Queen. After he bravely accepted the challenge of his own share, the main character began to look at many life situations and processes from a different angle. Parent spoiled son has rapidly become resistant to any challenge a man who is ready to rational opportunism, and risk. The circumstances under which appeared the Queen, made him a new character, where is no room left for doubt, cowardice or sluggishness. A strong wrestler was able to leave a desert refuge, which became his home for five years.
But will the courage gained by the main character be used for the benefit of his relatives and friends after returning to his native city? The creators of action-movie make the audience think about how the circumstances in which we find ourselves against our will, can change our entire future life. Quinn felt himself the king of the fate of the people around him, began to administer their justice. On the side of what force is now forced to be the main character? Is it always his arrows of justice fall exactly on target? As now sees the world five years ago was forced to seek refuge from the riot of nature inhabitant of the desert island? Is it possible to call justice, done under the cover of night, fair? Answers to all these questions the authors of the adventure series offer viewers to find when viewing the action movie with numerous special effects.
On the creation of the film worked well-known Directors, and the film has already managed to interest fans of novels, full graphics. The screen version of the comics formed the basis of the basic idea for the release of an exciting and full of intrigue movie. Once you start watching, to awaken interest in so beloved by many film fans to the genre. Welcome to the world of adventure, filled with combat stunts and intricately built storyline. Oliver Queen is ready to become one of your favorite movie characters today.


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Episode 7

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Episode 16

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Episode 17

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