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The Blacklist


Drama, Crime, Mystery





John Eisendrath


Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, James Spader, Harry Lennix, Amir Arison, Hisham Tawfiq, Tre Jamison, Christopher Lambert



Detective series “The Blacklist” season 6 was highly appreciated as picky Telekritika and numerous audience, tempted in the series of this exciting genre, and the acting skills of James Spader said a nomination for a prestigious and honorary award “Golden globe”.
So, remember how the story began. Raymond Reddington “Кed”, decided to return to the Bureau, in order to offer all possible assistance in the search of the criminal-terrorist Ranko Zamani. But it will help only with one condition he will work with Elizabeth keen, at that time young and inexperienced FBI agent. So he retrained wanted fugitive, a person having in his possession a lot of sensitive information on criminals, which he repeatedly rents the Office in the “chocolate wrapper”. Work for him is very dangerous, but as for Lizzy, becoming with each subsequent operation, bolder and more confident in their abilities. Red and Liz more rally and begin to function as one, despite the fact that their activities did not go unnoticed and detective pair even had to hide from the FBI agents at the Russian Embassy, so that they do not interfere with their investigations. As soon as Raymond and Elizabeth fruitfully work together, between them having relationship even with a great desire can not be called friendly. But against Raymond still brought the case, as according to a certain lady Kate Kaplan, he continued to commit crimes when working for the FBI as an informant. Her testimony in court against the red and the people working with it, can all lead to the dock. Henry Prescott may be able to help them, but for this purpose it is necessary to find. The situation in the fourth season strained to the limit, especially when Kate decided to open Elizabeth’s eyes to Raymond. To tell who he really is. The paradox was that both of them, and red, and Kaplan, sworn to protect Lizzy, come what may. This protection has led to the fact that they were ready to kill each other for her sake. The fifth season of “Blacklist” will be re-acquired a serious challenge. Heroes will have to get used to each other, to know each other, and again try to hide terrible secrets. But when Elizabeth learns that Raymond did with Katerina, it is completely unknown how she would react to such horrible news for her. So, exciting story is only gaining momentum…

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