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The Bold Type


Comedy, Drama





Victor Nelli Jr., Matt McGuinness


Aisha Dee, Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy, Matt Ward, Melora Hardin, Sam Page, Daniela Sandiford, Sasha Velour



In the American series “The Bold Type” season 3 director Gary Fleder decided to combine all the most popular spectator entertainment genres a Comedy, drama and even mystery, so the audience is certainly not bored, finding something interesting. And what could be more interesting and confusing world of the fashion industry, and in particular its most popular parts the fashion magazines! After all, even if someone can’t afford brand boutiques and fashion shows high fashion, buy a magazine in which all this will be explained, and even illustrated a huge number of gorgeous, bright, breathtaking illustrations, it is available to everyone, and this means that this business is broad and diverse. And a world center of business, of course, is new York, which leaves a huge number of fashion magazines covering fashion busy life of this metropolis and center of world fashion. And therefore edition there are very professional and rich, is able to provide its employees with high fees, but also require them a lot.
Main characters of the series are three employee of one of these successful fashion publications. In their lives, almost everything happened! They are attractive, successful, use success at work, success with the public and receive very large fees. It allows them to be at the forefront of fashionable secular parties, because they can afford all the fashionable novelties. However, sometimes this leads to the fact that they lose their natural charm and beauty. In life there are meetings with very wealthy men, but suddenly our ladies are beginning to understand that these gentlemen are not interested in them, and their secular status. But the case is already over thirty, and want a real relationship, and what is called the fashionable word love… comes the understanding that in addition to a career in life more important things family, relationships and true friendship, who will not be bought for any fees.

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