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Mark Little, Andrew Bush



Mark and Andy have not returned to Cavendish since their parents broke up almost 30 years ago. They grew up in Toronto with their mom, and had little contact with their dad, Rollie, except for the rare Christmas greetings. Mark was not against – a gift and occasional praise he always had enough. And Andy never forgave his father’s deed. But when they come to their hometown again to take care of their sick father, they realize that Cavendish is not like other cities. Strange things happen here, to which the locals for some reason relate rather calmly: a mysterious beast, ancient statues revived and the Ann of the Green Roof sect and at least one witch sabbath. Mark and Andy get involved in the strange affairs of the city with their father, the disgruntled owner of the Science Fiction Museum, his ever-positive partner Rolly Ruth, and her grim niece Bryn, as well as many fancy city dwellers.

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Episode 8

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