The twilight zone 2019

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The Twilight Zone is an American television series created by Rod Serling. Each episode is a mixture of fantasy, science fiction, drama or horror, often ending in a creepy or unexpected denouement. Popular with both viewers and critics, this series revealed to many Americans serious science fiction and abstract ideas, both through television and through a wide variety of literature in the Twilight Zone.

“Incredible, impressive, amazingly interesting – everything is about him, about the TV series“ Twilight Zone. ”This is a TV series that will never become obsolete, because all modern science fiction films have grown on it. It spawned not a single cult of fans, many sequels and remakes, but as firmly established in popular culture as part of the life of any viewer.

Each series has a completely unique plot, with a fine line between madness and a detective story. Each episode – a journey into the world of the unknown and terrible. This you have not seen anywhere else, after watching this series, even the “X-Files” will seem to you the notorious “Santa Barbara.”

Often, in the end, unexpected plot twists and turns occur, which radically change the lives of the characters in the series. And these changes make us think about many things, because most of the topics described in the story reveal very real problems of society: racism, sexism, and indifference. The best science fiction series of all time. An explosive mixture of fiction, mysticism, detective, sardonic comedy and horror film. “