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Louise Hooper


Katherine Kelly, Molly Windsor, Tom Goodman-Hill, Lorraine Ashbourne, Peter Firth



So, PhD Lia Dale, a professor at the University is considered the most honest and principled teacher. She herself is proud of her “purely academic honesty” and demands the same honesty and decency from her students. One of the students of the last year draws her close attention when she presents to the teacher’s court a suspicious essay of the highest class. It was practically impossible to find fault with this work, since it was performed in a highly professional manner and did not at all resemble the work of a student, albeit talented and studying in the last year. Such work could be done only by a professional, and not by a student.

Lia Dale, having familiarized herself with the work, decided to take the student to the “clean water” and called her to her office for a one-on-one conversation. Private communication did not lead to anything, since Rose Vaughn stood stubbornly on her own, proving that it was her job and no one else took any part in its creation.

Not having achieved the truth by gentle methods, Leah Dale decided to resort to a tougher method in order to expose the student. While she is struggling with Rose about her work, she herself is in trouble with her husband Adam in the family. In this regard, she reinforces the pressure on the student and from the outside it already seems that Rose (the student) is thus taking revenge on her teacher for something more personal than just disagreement about her work.

It remains only to find out what led the confrontation between the teacher and the student? How can the police be able to sort out such a confused relationship and will the police succeed in properly assessing the situation, punish the person who is guilty? Answers to these questions can be found by looking online mini-series – “Cheating.”

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