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How would you act if you knew that you could get rich so that you had enough money for the rest of your life? The focus of the plot of this project is a woman who always prayed for only one thing: to live well and not need anything. She is a simple cleaner who has spent most of her adult life trying to somehow cope with the many hardships and hardships of life. One day, fate sends her the opportunity to change everything once and for all: the main character overhears an interesting conversation unfolding between representatives of the company in which she works. This is an illegal transaction, which we are ready to turn from day to day. The main character understands that she now has confidential information and is ready to use it at any convenient moment. There is nothing to lose, so Sam is completely immersed in the history of the insider information trading, which is full of unpredictability and dark sides. She wants to heal normally and provide for those close to her, but does she know to the end where such a dangerous game will lead her to?

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