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In the center of the plot-the FBI special forces, the best investigators who prefer to work with evidence a different approach. Specialists of behavioral analysis reveal the true motives of crimes, thoroughly studying each step and the logical chain built by the psychopath. To think like a criminal is not easy, because it is necessary to turn to the dark side of your soul, to appeal to the most dangerous and cruel inner demons. But Jason Gideon is sure that saving lives is worth it. He is the head of the unit of the OAP (Department of Behavior Analysis), which together with colleagues day and night working on the exposure of criminals, painstakingly creating their detailed psychological portraits. The heroes of the series are not interested in the FBI crime lab, instead, Gideon’s team plunges into a psychological analysis of the crime: examines the bodies of the victims and the General situation, pays attention to the place and time of the murder, the logic in the choice of the victim, and interrogates witnesses. This is how partners manage to penetrate into the most secret corners of the criminal’s consciousness, unravel the tangle of the killer’s thoughts and get on his trail. season 12 continues to talk about the hard days of agents of the PLO. The criminal world does not sleep, so the main characters will have a lot of work.

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