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In the 4th season in the life of Rachel there are surprising changes and developments. For example, Dale decided to prove to her that he is a reliable partner for her. Around for a long time did not notice the young man had serious intentions. It is for this reason that a future with him really looks doubtful. Rachel does not hurry up with the decision, as is aware that it has good prospects in Sierra Leone. If a girl sacrifice her career, a second chance is not. But parting with Dale – not the most pleasant event. At the main character of serial comedy “Kuku” do not want to be selfish, but now it is like no other knows that the first thing you need to think about themselves and forget for a while about emotions. As for Ken, his life has begun a black stripe. Another scandal with the boss led to the dismissal from work. But Ken is not one of those people who throws up his hands and grabs the bottle, when life goes wrong, as we would like. He has a plan that will restore the position and restore the good name. However, there is one problem: Ken is not the lucky man – his ideas often fail in the very first stages of implementation.

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