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Crime, Drama, Mystery


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Shaun Evans, Roger Allam



Endeavor is a British series that focuses on Endeavor Mose and how he starts his career as a police detective in Oxford. Set in 1965, the young man leaves his studies at the University of Oxford and works for a time at the Royal Crops of Signals. Later, he joins the police of Carshall-Newtorn. After spending two years as a police officer, the young Morse disillusioned with his work and begins to write a letter of resignation.

Before giving up his resignation, Morse and other partners are assigned to the Cowley police to support the investigation of a missing girl. At that moment, the disillusioned policeman delivered the letter of resignation to veteran inspector Fred Thursday. But that resignation does not take place since, the veteran inspector sees in Morse a policeman in whom to be able to trust and makes him his apprentice. Morse accepts and begins his adventure as a Cowley cop.

This detective fiction is created by Russell Lewis (Lewis). Dan McCulloch (The End of an Empire) acts as producer while Michele Buck (Miss Marple) as a delegate producer. The cast of protagonists consists of Shaun Evans (Teachers), Roger Allam (V of Vendetta), Jack Ashton (Four Seasons), James Bradshaw (Jurassic Invasion), Anton Lesser (The Crown) and Abigail Thaw (I Want My Wife Back ).

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