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The Flash


Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



The CW


David McWhirter, C. Kim Miles


Tom Cavanagh, Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Nicolet, Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Martin, Keiynan Lonsdale, Matty Finochio



The story of “The Flash” season 5, the character of DC Comics, still arouses interest in the public. Originally a superhero in a red suit appeared in January 1940 in the Flash Comics issue 1. It was a young guy, a College student who gained incredible abilities after inhaling heavy water vapors.
Soon, however, DC Comics needed a revival of the popular hero. For this work come from the most eminent writers John Broome, Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, speaking in the role of the artist. In October 1956, Flash appeared on the pages of the comic in the fourth issue of Showcase.
By accident, Barry Allen acquires super-powers super-fast movement in time. Without thinking twice, Flash decides to take the side of good and use his abilities only to restore justice and maintain order in his country. A lot of comics were created about the flash, most of them are now translated and published in Russia. However, to look at the tragic story of a superhero in a new way will help the series “Flash”.
Barry Allen is an extraordinary guy. From an early age he inherited from his father firmness of spirit and faith in justice. It didn’t start with the best childhood memory. His own mother was brutally murdered in front of the baby. But this was not a simple attack, but something inexplicable. The local police did not understand thoroughly and did not believe in the paranormal nature of the murder. Therefore, the main and only suspect was Barry’s father. Without strong evidence of his innocence, he is long behind bars. The case is quickly closed, and the baby remains an orphan.
After many years, the thought of paying for the death of his mother does not go out of Allen’s head. He gives himself his word that at the cost of his own life he will find out what destroyed her. During the day he works as a forensic scientist, and in the evening secretly from all collecting evidence. In one of these attacks Barry Allen finds a particle accelerator. Coming closer to him, he sees how the accelerator explodes, and Barry struck by lightning, falls into a coma. Being about a year in the hospital, he wakes up, but feels some changes in the body. What happened to him? The answer was found by accident. Barry understands that he can move through space faster than the speed of light and go unnoticed.
How Barry Allen will dispose of their capabilities? Will they help him or will they be his greatest nightmare? History will give the answer, but that day not only Allen had new abilities


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