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Game of Silence








David Hudgins, Wendy West


David Lyons, Michael Raymond-James, Larenz Tate, Bre Blair, Claire van der Boom, Demetrius Grosse, Katie Kelly, Joshua Mikel



Jackson lives in a big city and works as a lawyer, his business is going up the hill – the hero has a lot of clients and excellent earnings. A man has a girlfriend and a cozy home, what else can you wish for happiness? However, the idyll can be destroyed in an instant if someone finds out about the lawyer’s past life… It was a friendly company of teenagers: four guys and one cute blonde, in which Jackson was in love. Like everything else in adolescence, they often did crazy things. The protagonist of the series the game of silence was considered the ringleader of this fun company, he was the initiator of many extravagant actions. Guy could jump in the river with high cliff or be rude to parents. Once the guys stole someone else’s car to ride through the streets and feel like adults. Trying to go around the cat, they accidentally crashed into a car parked on the side of the road. A woman in the car was killed, and friends were in a teenage prison. There they were harassed by guards, beatings and humiliation. Not everyone can withstand this and not break, such tests have left an imprint on the future life of young offenders. Jackson tried to get rid of the memories and moved to another city. But now friends childhood again appeared in his life. What they want from the hero – the resumption of an old friendship or eager to profit by the fruits of his fame? Jackson will not allow the mystery of the past to destroy what he has built over the years.

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