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Dave Holstein, Jake Schreier


Jim Carrey, Frank Langella, Catherine Keener, Cole Allen, Juliet Morris, Justin Kirk, Bernard White, Rich Fulcher



The main character of this series is Jeff. The main character is a man who has crossed that age line, when it would seem that life’s views should be established, and self-confidence should become an integral part of character. In addition, the man works on television, where he talks about how to overcome life’s difficulties for parents, how to help children develop and find a common language with them. It just so happened that Jeff had never before encountered the problems he was talking about, so the first calls that announced the beginning of a personality crisis showed that the man was completely not guided by the rules that he was talking about on the screen. For him, family difficulties became truly unbearable. What to do next? Will the main character manage to cope with the problems he has faced? We recognize in the second season, the drama with many people who has grown to love Jim Carrey.

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