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Tom Cullen, Sam Hazeldine, Olivia Ross, Sabrina Bartlett



“Knightfall” season 2 allows you to plunge into the years, the reign of Philip IV-king of France and Pope Clement V, announce the persecution of the Templars. The Inquisition pursues them everywhere publicly burning at the stake of cities.Sir Landry, the Templar leader, grieved at the failure of his companions in the Holy Land, but suddenly, he finds out that the Holy Grail has reappeared. Since the founding of the Templars becomes the richest and most influential, who had a powerful force.It is this brotherhood that has the honor to defend the most valuable relic of Christianity-the Holy Grail and dark secrets that can destroy our world at any moment. In General terms, the most powerful brotherhood of that time was on the verge of death, because of the intrigues of the government.On the difficult relationship between the Templars and the king, led by the Pope.The hostility which hide to each other was pointless.And that is what played a cruel joke with them, because the one who planned to take away their great relic of Christianity, came up with a cunning plan. The gloomy atmosphere of the Middle ages, Inquisition heyday Inquisition, magnificent palaces, the era of brutal bloody battles, allows you to fully see those days, without any embellishment.

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