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Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy





David S. Goyer, Marc Roskin


Georgina Campbell, Ian McElhinney, Cameron Cuffe, Wallis Day, Aaron Pierre, Ann Ogbomo, Shobu Kapoor, Emmett Scanlan



So, in the center of the plot of “Krypton” season 2 is a planet on which Superman was born. On krypton, this event was very happy. All further actions will cover the life and fate of the unknown superhero. The audience will get acquainted with what was happening long before the appearance of Superman on krypton. Back in the past-this is an amazing move in the time interval will make all who will watch this series. We will learn unprecedented stories, which will be a place for real chaos, which was happening on the planet krypton. The end of these terrible events was not expected, but there was still a small hope that everything will be in its place, and the world around a little calm down.
The main character of the story becomes a close relative of Superman. We will meet with… a superhero’s grandfather. Jor-El will be a key figure in the story. There was a situation in the Galaxy in which krypton was among the rogue planets. There were many reasons why the inhabitants of other planets did not want to contact the kryptons. But to endure isolation for his people was a real torture and a test for Jor-El. He was unable to look at humiliation and neglect for a long time.
The brave grandfather of our Superman managed to unite the inhabitants of his home planet to fight for the interests. As if one great fist kryptonians gathered, after which they could competently defend their right to be recognized in intergalactic society, to achieve the removal of isolation. Thanks to all the manipulations performed on krypton, it became pleasant to live again, to take care of each other, just to enjoy the riches of the Universe.
After the first confident steps in the battle for justice, kryptons are determined. They are ready to resolve the issue of maintaining the returned status and maintaining power before the final point, and at the same time these brave daredevils have ideas to strengthen their own positions in the intergalactic arena.
Is it enough to be these characters the strength they instilled, the grandfather of Superman? Or will have to enlist and other quality character and superpowers, to restore fair the ratio forces in the Universe?


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