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The action of the series The Last Man on Earth season 4 unfolds around 2022. All mankind improbably disappears somewhere, and only one man survived. This person is Phil Miller, he valued and loved all his family, and besides that he hated his work terribly. Phil Miller was an average resident and worked in the services that banks provide. But now, there came a moment when he was left alone. In search of people, this man traveled a lot of countries, the town, but all attempts were in vain, because he did not find anyone. Then our main character falls into real despair, because he still cannot meet a man like himself. Until the end of his life, the man will remain alone, and this is very scary, because loneliness is the most terrible punishment that anyone can think of at all. To save the entire human race, Miller still continues to search for people. The travels of this man were not dreary and boring. All this time of traveling he was entertained, because nothing could forbid him. The guy went to the White House and even spent the night there. He could do whatever he wanted, and that was just a wonderful feeling.

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