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When the attractive but vapid model wannabe Deb (Brooke D’Orsay – ‘Royal Pains’) has a tragic car accident, it is suddenly at the gates of Heaven. The celestial guardian Fred (Ben Feldman) recriminate he is an egocentric and indignantly, Deb tries to persuade him to let her return to her shallow existence. In the end, by mistake, his soul returns to Earth, although in another body that is not yours, but of the recently murdered Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott – ‘What Women Want’). She is a young lawyer big, bright and considerate size, which has a loyal assistant named Teri (Margaret Cho) .Jane has always lived in the shadow of her companions, while Deb, as a model, has always had its beauty physical. Now, thanks to a “divine maneuver,” Deb will have to come to terms with herself to live in the body of Jane with some extra kilos, a job in a law firm and a confrontation between beauty and intelligence. Things get complicated even more when the former boyfriend of Deb, Grayson (Jackson Hurst), go to work in the same firm. Jane will have to learn to live with all these contradictory perspectives on their way.