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Midsomer Murders


Crime, Drama, Mystery





Audrey Cooke, Toby Frow




We return to Midsomer. “Purely English killings” once again offer us to watch an intriguing and incredibly fascinating story telling about investigations and difficult cases related to the killings. The focus is on two familiar characters who are engaged in conducting detective affairs. As it turned out, they are ready to go on the most cunning and extraordinary moves to solve a crime. Midsomer is restless. Strange crimes regularly happen here that somehow excite the local community. The main characters work the way all detectives should. They are trying to find evidence, interrogate witnesses and do everything possible to identify the villain as soon as possible so that he does not deliver another blow. The project continues to meet the level of high-quality detective series that have delighted viewers for many years. The plot of the series “Purely English murders” is taken from the novels of Carolina Graham. Her style and presentation of material is felt even in the series. The twenty-first season promises to continue the tradition of the original episodes. Happy viewing.

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