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Puerta 7


Drama, Crime






Dolores Fonzi, Esteban Lamothe, Carlos Belloso, Juan Gil Navarro, Daniel Aráoz, Antonio Grimau



An exciting American-made comedy from director and screenwriter Ian Edelman. The main roles were played by Rosario Dawson and Louis Guzman.
The central characters in the story are the charming Garcia and Lopez, who worked in the New York police. Desperate and cheerful Puerto Ricans were engaged in catching bandits who hunted for illegal counterfeiting of goods, posing as fakes for genuine products of famous brands. The other day, they showed their best side in one major matter, so they were immediately entrusted with an equally responsible task of high importance. A fashion show was planned for one very famous brand that produces handbags. But it so happened that one of the specimens disappeared under unknown circumstances. But soon the thieves themselves made themselves felt, demanding a large ransom. Otherwise, they will release in mass replication a bunch of fakes even before the official presentation. The main characters of the film have to go to the capital of France to interfere with gangster plans, and at the same time compete for a large reward if successful. In addition, because of their rather restless, violent and eccentric behavior, they will necessarily get involved in a lot of unpredictable, but comedic scrapes, while at the same time using very extraordinary and unusual methods, trying to figure out the true criminals among a small group of suspects.

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