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Pure tells the story of Noah Funk, a Mennonite pastor who has just been elected. Noah’s main priority is to rid his community of drug traffickers, and in order to do so he betrays a fellow Mennonite when he denounces him to the police. This fact, far from solving the problem, manages to unleash an ultimatum from Eli Voss, the mafia leader who operates in the town: if he wants to protect his family, Noah must get involved in an illegal operation.

Noah does not hesitate to accept the blackmail thinking that he can get more evidence if he is inside, but the path he must travel is getting harder and harder, and will make him doubt even his principles and beliefs. While fighting to save his soul and complete his mission, Noah receives the unexpected help of Bronco Novak, a local policeman who is also his disciple. Together, they will try to survive the drug business while trying to get enough evidence to kill him.

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