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The eighth season of the animated series Family Guy is literally filled with parodies, curiosities, absurdities and a variety of jokes, that does not give the audience time to get bored. You can not lose a single word, a gesture, or a look of the character, because behind all this some kind of joke or another reference to the absurdity already occurred. Here, each phrase can literally turn everything on its head, creating a new and unexpected turns in the plot. Although, of course, what else would you expect from the animated series, where the plot are relations with an American family with an extremely strange and silly father, prim mother, retarded the development of the eldest son, despised and hated by society’s daughter, the youngest son, who dreams to conquer the world and a talking dog, philosophizing for a glass of alcohol. Accordingly, all the heroes of this give viewers a stream of humor all possible genres and types, and funny situations that fall family members, are striking in their ambiguity and hidden meaning.