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The Terror


Drama, Mystery





Josef Kubota Wladyka


George Takei, Kiki Sukezane, Shingo Usami, Naoko Mori, Miki Ishikawa, Derek Mio



In “The Terror” in 1845 one of the next expeditions was lost. Erased traces of groups that have a certain mission, are sent on a pre-designed route, are not uncommon in those years. Quite experienced commanders have disappeared without a trace, cutting off the history of great research and scientific developments that have not yet begun. There were many reasons for this phenomenon. Among them: lack of maintenance, and too poor funding, and intentional disruption of the operations ill-wishers. Polar Explorer John Franklin was a real fanatic of the chosen case. He gradually builds up experience, works without sleep, only for the sake of the goal. On two ships, the Erebus and the Terror, an expedition organized by Franklin is sent to the canadian coast. A group of travelers and researchers must find a passage from one ocean to another. But somewhere in the middle of the tracks of this team are lost. The disappearance of the group gives no peace to relatives and patrons of art. Initially, begin a rapid search of the expedition. But numerous futile attempts to get on the trail of the team end up stopping search activities.
It took several decades to restore the picture of what happened by the smallest grains. But the time is still not enough exactly to the extent as the findings of this operation. What happened so far raises many questions. White spots in this story do not give rest to many who are interested in the fate of the expedition under the command of John Franklin.
There is a new version of what could have happened to a team of brave researchers. Dan Simmons seems that the main obstacle to the goal could be quite impressive in area and volume of ice. Their arms are quite strong for the capture of several hundreds hostages. But still Simmons tends to the fact that the said threat has not had over the expedition of such an effect, which was obtained from a meeting with an unknown monster. Experienced travelers were not ready for such a meeting. Released from the polar darkness of the giant so much frightened all the members of the expedition, that further actions have become simply uncontrollable. We must admit that many colleagues agreed that something plausible in this version could be a reality. As a result of the proposed hypothesis begins new research areas to identify it in this terrible monster


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