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“The TV series “”Gomorra Laerie”” tells the story of several mafia clans, which takes place on the streets of Naples. A man named Ciro is a fighter of the Savastano family. For his activity and persistence he got the nickname Immortal.
Every day, Ciro controls the supply of drugs and their distribution in the streets of Naples. But one other clan Conte starts trading on the territory controlled by Savastano.
It takes the mafia boss of yourself. Now, Conte must come to an end, and as quickly as possible. Chiro does the job and easily removes several fighters from a rival gang. Here it turns out that the game has a third party the police. Someone incredibly knowledgeable merges with the police all the information about the activities of the Savastano clan. As a result, several important missions have failed. Now chiro must act on two fronts, because it is necessary not only to find a rat, so even with the enemies to get even.
The son of señora Savastano becomes an additional problem. The young man is absolutely inexperienced in criminal matters. In case his dad gets arrested, this green kid’s gonna take over. Such a turn would almost certainly destroy the clan and allow Conte to operate with impunity.
Signor Savastano trusts chiro, and he is closer to the calculation of the rat. The protagonist does not know that he has long been under the hood of the mafia. He risks his life for the crime, although already tired of the criminal enterprise. Chiro dreams of living like a calm man with his family. However, his hopes will not come true, because the beautiful facades of historical buildings for many years, the blood of powerful men.”