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“””Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Movies”” a series about the adventures of the famous hero.
Thousands of years ago out of the endless chaos came heaven and earth. The ancient gods were omnipotent and reveled in power. They sent to people cruel tests and excessive cares. Day and night, mere mortals, do not leave a feeling of anxiety and depression. No one found the courage to go against injustice, and then there was Hercules.
The boy became the fruit of the love of the earthly woman and Zeus the Thunderer. The power of Hercules manifested itself in childhood and could only be compared with his generosity.
Growing up, he began to travel and engage in battle with the minions of Hera Queen of Olympus. The goddess was insulted by the cheating spouse and swore to kill his son.
Brave hero saw a lot of pain and grief, but he was also lucky enough to meet love and find true friends.
Wherever enemies appear, wherever those in need of protection suffer, overcoming obstacles and barriers along the way, Hercules came to the rescue to finally outweigh the scales in favor of good…