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Veronica Mars


Mystery, Drama, Comedy





Rob Thomas


Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra, Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni



Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell, ‘Gossip Girl’) is apparently the typical American teenager: she lives in the small town of Neptune, goes to high school, constantly fights with her father (Enrico Colantoni, ‘Contagio’, ‘Los Kennedy’), Sheriff of the town, and has constant ups and downs in his relationship with his boyfriend Duncan (Teddy Dunn, ‘Jumper’). However, her insignificant and superficial problems are brutally eclipsed when her best friend, Lily, is murdered.

Time after the devastating blow, and before the incapacity of its father and the rest of police to solve the case, Veronica begins to investigate by its account to bring to the light the truth on the mysterious death of Lily. This will lead her to discover secrets that affected the family life of Lily and Duncan and that could be triggers to know why she was murdered.

As a result of trying to solve Lily’s death, Veronica will discover that the investigation of crimes is something she is very good at, and that she is also passionate about. Taking advantage of her father’s resources as Neptune’s sheriff, Verónica will begin to dedicate herself to helping neighbors solve their mysteries, both everyday and those that do not. All while continuing his life as a teenager, he continues to try to rebel against his father at the slightest opportunity, and lives several amorous escapades.

Veronica Mars season 4 download full tv show episodes

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