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“The German soft porn series Sexy Sport Clips is produced since the year of 2002. The plot of the approximately five-minute clip follows a rule, a similar concept. In the center of the action is a Strip, which is usually carried out by a scantily clad lady. The background music plays an important role – whether through works from the history of pop music including the integration of legendary evergreens or accompanied by works of classical nature. The men and women involved are usually professional porn actors, under certain circumstances, however, are just as amateur actor and -Darstellerinnen to see.
 Among the most popular faces who have not graduated from an appearance in the context of Sexy Sport Clips include, among other Jennifer Stone, Lea De Mae, Anetta Keys and Tereza Brettschweiderova. The Gage per clip is in a range between 100 to 250 euros. In addition, the reference to a sporting activity must be present because the Sexy Sport Clips are officially represented in the sports program. Accordingly, the scenes are composed of a colorful mix of billiards, boxing rings and miniature golf courses. In addition, stadiums, swimming pools and fitness centers also serve as a popular setting.
 Apart from that, there are the Sexy Sport Clips different versions. While the long version of the complete story or the adventures provided focused, the short version advances in their capacity as compilation, only the highlights of the clips in the foreground. On the occasion of the Football World Cup in Germany in 2006 DSF aired a special of the TV format. The Sexy World Cup clips distinguished primarily by their venue (a nightly soccer field) and of the fact that the women wore jerseys of different football teams.
 In addition, as part of the program Sexy Sport Clips exists an offshoot who calls himself Sexy Sports Academy. This program is broadcast since 2008 and varies the elementary components of the original format. Here, the clips played out in the historic ambience. In concrete terms, these are around the Castle Loučeň, located in the Czech Republic. The course of action is always the same: A group of women playing board games (including Spin the Bottle, tug of war and musical chairs) and withdraws from the course of this activity. There is also the Sexy Sport Clip collection of rows like Girlfriends on Tour, Sexy Sport Games and Carstuckgirls clips. (MH)”

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