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Kevin Carlin


Kris McQuade, Leeanna Walsman, Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, Celia Ireland, Shareena Clanton, Catherine McClements, Georgia Flood



Which year in the Australian prison serious passions boil. Women of different ages and types are serving sentences for crimes committed here. The order of the institution is monitored by harsh guards, who often use the position to seduce attractive prisoners or humiliate those who show pride. However, the ladies themselves go to various tricks to be able to communicate with their relatives, get cigarettes or delicious food. There are leaders and subordinates, and if there are those who disagree with this situation, they can be severely beaten or punished. Not all of the heroines of the series \”Wentworth\” serving a just punishment, some are just victims of circumstances. For example, the woman Bi was behind bars, because she wanted to kill her husband, constantly mocking her. There are women who are here by mistake. But the majority quite rightly found themselves in prison, as they pose a danger to society. Interesting to see how transformirovalsya the character of the heroine, and of a soft, compliant ladies, they become bossy bitches ready for everything just to defend their interests and principles. Sometimes there are fights and even murders, but the leadership does not interfere in internal conflicts. Here women live only with hope and expectation of freedom, many have children, and it helps prisoners to keep their spirits high.

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