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Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, Celia Ireland, Shareena Clanton, Aaron Jeffery, Robbie Magasiva, Sarah Howett, Charli Tjoe



In the fair sex there is always a reason for competition. In ordinary life, the cause can be any little thing: a new dress, lipstick with an unusual shade, a more cute boyfriend, a prestigious job. But I had to share girls who are serving time in prison? It may seem that those who landed here, there is nothing to share, but it is only a superficial impression. In prison \”Wentworth\” plots at night, and not only the girls prisoners, but their guards. The fifth season once again proves it to us. The story begins the day after Bi Smith’s funeral, whose death came as a shock to everyone, causing many consequences for both sides. Received several minor wounds alli out of medbay and returned to the chamber. In the General body returns and Jean Ferguson, around which after the incident with Bi go a variety of rumors. And it plays right into her hands, allowing you to avoid the annoying attention. KAZ prohibits absolutely any violence in prison, threatening those who disobey him with a punishment cell. And Sonya is only interested in the upcoming trial. The girl is sure that she will be acquitted, so look forward to this day.

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