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The 10th season of the cult American sitcom, which won sixteen Emmy, who returned to television screens after eleven years of hiatus. And he owes it to Donald Trump. In the heat of election battles, in September 2016, a small episode appeared on the screens, in which the heroes of the legendary sitcom joked on topical issues about trump. The video gained seven million views, which did not go unnoticed by the NBC channel, which at one time released the legendary sitcom. And although mini-episode was created without their participation, the leaders of the channel decided not to miss this opportunity to return to the popular series . Recall about who were the heroes of the series: Main characters: William Truman, a very successful lawyer, Frank gay, do not hide their orientation. Friends with grace. He has two older brothers. Their orientation does not hide, but not too advertise. Romantic in relations, but the greatest realist in the other questions of life. Compulsive desire for cleanliness and order. Many people think that they have grace and grace Adler – best friend ( I mean friend) William. Friends since College. A very successful interior designer who owns her own company. Has a manic addiction to food. She has an older sister and a younger sister. She has a rather complicated relationship with her mother, who constantly teases her about her failures on the love front. In please William split up with his brother, when learned, that have will this causes unpleasant emotions. Jack McFarland is will’s best friend. Gay, too. Very bright, but very superficial and frivolous. An actor who is in constant search of himself, love and work. Constantly changing Boyfriends and jobs. At the beginning of the first season met Karen and became her very good friend. Karen Walker is grace’s assistant and her assistant. Socialite. Never really overwork, but due to their social connections and Dating leads a large number of wealthy customers and customers. Married. Her husband Stanley Walker is a very rich man. Grace is on pills and abusing alcohol. The main person in her life is her pharmacist. Very outspoken and callous. Well, it is sincere and caring. She has an alter ego named Anastasia Beaverhausen Secondary characters of the series”will and grace”: Rosario Salazar — works as a maid for Karen, and part-time fictitious wife of Jack. Dr. Marvin Marcus, aka Leo-grace man in a certain sequence of statuses-boyfriend, husband, ex-husband. Vince d’angelo is will’s first boyfriend on the show. Police. Bobby Adler is grace’s mom. George Truman is will’s dad. Marilyn Truman is will’s mother. Elliot is the son of Mcfarland. Rob and Ellen are friends of grace and will from high school. First the couple, then the divorce. Grace and will think they’re boring. Joe and Larry — a couple of gay men who consider themselves family, and adopted child – a girl named Hannah. Also friends with grace and will. In the new season of”will and grace” 2017 online matured for ten years, the characters will meet again. Once again, they are waiting for funny and amusing situations that are caused by new circumstances in the political life of the United States of America associated with the election of a new President – a very odious figure of Donald trump, who is known for his dislike of homosexuals. The TV series will & grace 9 season 1 episode free download from our website after the premiere!

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 8

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Episode 9

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

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Episode 13

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Episode 14

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Episode 15

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Episode 16

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Episode 17

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Episode 18

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